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Contact David on 0114 2369535 

Mission Statement:    To share God’s love by serving our community.


“Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord”


Preachers for August - all Services at 10.30am unless otherwise stated.

     5th    Our Annual Thanksgiving Service with Communion.  

        Preacher David Morris.  This will be followed by a BBQ, David and Jenny         will provide the meat.  Please come and join us.

    12th    Church Without Walls - no Service at church.  An opportunity for us to

        spend time with friends informally.

    19th    Praise and Prayer - Martin Smith, David Macpherson and Jackie Parkin

    26th    Family Service - Johnny and Jo. 

    Thanks Giving Day

Last year we did not designate a day as an opportunity for us all to say Thank You to God for all his blessings, yes we do that every day and every time we worship but it is good to mark a specific day when we can express out thanks in a tangible way over and above the normal. That day this year is the 5th August. This is an opportunity for us to bring an extra offering to God, not for the general uses of keeping the church buildings in tact or supporting the ministry but for other, specific purposes. This year we are suggesting two purposes and as usual one is connected with Beauchief and the second is external. 

In terms of the Beauchief related item, we would suggest that after many years of good service, the ramp at the Dalewood Road Entrance needs to be renewed, the current wooden ramp is beginning to rot and rock so a new stable ramp is required. 

In terms of the external item, we all know that Jhonnar comes from Venezuela and that things are not good there with rampant inflation, food shortages and a degree of persecution of Christians because they are speaking out about the political situation and social conditions. We have recently been studying Acts here at Beauchief and in Acts 11 there is an account of the church at Antioch hearing about a famine in Judea and sending support to the Judean churches via Saul and Barnabus, an example of Christian support we can emulate today through the giving to other Christians in need.

Please use the envelopes provided to give extra for these two causes, on the front of the envelopes you can specify where the money goes to by ticking one of the boxes or putting the amount you want to go to each in the corresponding box, if you leave it all blank then the money will be split 50/50.


Advance Notice


Our next Hope 18 Breakfast will be on Saturday 15th September at our church between 9.00 and 10.00am.  Please come and share prayer with St Chad’s and Woodseat Methodist Churches.


The church is taking a break during August from extra activities, so no dates for your diaries


We send Birthday Greetings this month to:-


     3rd    Nicky Denton

     8th    Jackie Parkin

    13th    Beryl Lingard

    18th    Briony Gilchrist

    27th    Jenny Macpherson


The Porch


At last the Contractor informs us that they will have completed the work on the porch  by Thursday 2nd August ( we pray that this is accomplished), that leaves us with a couple of loose ends to complete the overall project, the decoration, the hand rail and the front borders.

In reverse order, the borders first. Now the works have finished we will be finalising the use of the excess stone to form firm frameworks for the borders and when the dry weather breaks and it is possible, to plant up the borders. Tricia and Jackie will be selecting plants that are appropriate for the front so that they do not restrict the visibility of the church from the road. They would no doubt welcome any offers of help with the planting so if you have green fingers please talk to either of them. In the interim any offers of help with digging in and securing the stone work would also be welcome, please talk to David about this element of the work.

Secondly the hand rail. We have agreed that a stainless steel hand rail would be best and quotes are currently being sought for this. It is important that we get the hand rail in, not only for safety of people entering and leaving via the step or the ramp but also to increase the visibility of the stone edges. This will be enhanced by some yellow markings on the car park to highlight areas where cars should not park.

Lastly but equally important there is the decoration of the porch. We intend to use emulsion on the walls  but there is the woodwork around the inner doors and the inner doors themselves to be painted. Any volunteers who can wield a paint brush or  a roller would be welcomed. Again please see David about this element.

Overall we have had some very encouraging comments from non church people about the improvement that the porch has made and we pray that the work now completed will solve the damp problem that has existed in this area of the property for 60 plus years so we will be thinking of ways in which to capitalise on the better entrance and the higher public profile.


Items for Prayer


For Helen (Pre-School) who’s father passed away at the beginning of July.  Please pray for her as she supports her Mum.


For Howard that the Lord will lead and guide him.


For Ping that her back will improve.


For Bert (Norma’s husband) who is not feeling well at the moment and for Norma as she looks after him.


For all the elderly who are affected by this heat.


For all of us looking after children\grandchildren this summer that all will be kept safe.


For Robert and Phillippa Cismas and family as they return to Botswana this month, that all the plans and preparations will go well.


Pause for Thought.


While I was on holiday my Bible Reading notes were from 1 John reflecting on God’s love for us and how we should love one another.  One day I was looking out from my balcony when a chorus I use to sing came to mind:-


Wide, wide as the ocean, high as the heavens above,

Deep , deep as the deepest sea is my Saviours love.

I though so unworthy still am a child of his care

For his word teaches me that his love reaches me everywhere.


I looked at the ocean around me, the blue sky above me and I didn’t want to think about how deep was the deepest sea but if my Saviour could love me as much as that wherever I am, how much should my life reflect that love to others!

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