February 2020 Monthly Newsletter

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February  2020



Mission Statement:    To share God’s love by serving our community.


“Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord”


Preachers for February - all Services at 10.30am

     2nd    Rev David Morris with Communion

     9th    Daren Craddock (from St. Chad’s)

    16th    TBC

    23rd    Johnny or Jo Gilchrist

On the 2nd February we plan to start a series on King David


Advanced Notice - a date for your Diaries now

The Rev. Andy Gower has accepted our invitation to be our Minister.  The plans at the moment are for Andy to start work with us on Monday 27th April and for his Welcome and Induction Service to take place on Saturday 2nd May in the afternoon.  Please put this date in your diaries now.  We will also welcome Mrs. Carolyn Gower into Membership with us at that Service and look forward to getting to know them.





Dates for your Diaries and Prayer not covered by the above

     3rd    Leadership Team Meeting - 7.30pm

        Ladies Bible Study Group at Pat’s - 45 Abbey Lane - 7.30pm

     5th    Men’s Bible Study Group at Frank’s - 77 Folds Lane - 7.30pm

     6th    Mothers and Toddlers - 10.00am

     7th    Bible Study Group at Jo’s - The Oakes - 10.00am

    10th    M-eating Place - 12.45pm.  All welcome

    13th    Mothers and Toddlers - 10.00am, with an Unwanted Gifts 

        Fundraiser Sale.  See Notice.

    14th    Bible Study Group at Jo’s - The Oakes - 10.00am

    17th    Ladies Bible Study Group at Pat’s - 45 Abbey Lane - 7.30pm

    19th    Men’s Bible Study Group at Frank’s - 77 Folds Lane - 7.30pm

    27th    Mothers and Toddlers - 10.00am


Special Notice

Whole Life Discipleship Course

Please look out for details on the noticeboard at the back of the Church of a Taster Session on Wednesday 26th February for the next ‘Whole Life Discipleship Course’ being run by the YBA in partnership with the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC)>  Kez Robinson, the YBA’s Mission Enabler, describes the course as “an opportunity for churches to come together in a Learning Partnership to consider how we build communities where all of us explore how we’ve been called by God and look at what it means to live out our discipleship in our communities alive in Christ”.

As a Church we have committed to being involved in the course as part of the agreement with the YBA for us to receive the grant to help with the costs of employing Andy Gower as our Minister.  This session is being held at the YBA’s office in Leeds and starts with refreshments at 6.30pm and will end by 9.00pm.  David and I will be attending the session but hope others could come along too.  Do let me know if you would like to join us.  I need to let the YBA know numbers by the 17th February.  Martin


We have no Birthdays in February as far as I know.


Items for Prayer

For the Leadership Team as they work together and make plans for the months ahead.  May they be aware of the Lord leading and guiding them.

For Michael going into hospital this coming week for an operation, that all may go well.

For Norma with a serious Chest Infection and having a reaction to antibiotics.

For Jackie as she recovers from a Flu/Cold  Infection.

For Andy and Carolyn as they prepare to move.

For Howard.

For Nicola and family who live in The Manse as they seek to find a new home.

For Peter and Weina coping without Ping, who has gone to China for a few months.

For Frank who has gone to the Fracture Clinic today (23rd) regarding his hand.

For Johnny and Jo trying to sort out what is best for Johnny’s Mum.

For Helen (Pre-School Leader) whose husband is seriously ill and waiting to go into St. Luke’s Hospice. 


Pause for Thought

‘The stable of Bethlehem reminds us never to underestimate how much we mean to God and how much he is able to use us.  Never underestimate what even the smallest word or deed can achieve.  Can my stumbling hesitant words of testimony ever communicate the gospel?  With God’s help, yes!  Can my flawed half-hearted service begin to make a difference to someone’s life?  With God’s help, yes!  Can my prayers ever actually change anything?  With God’s help, yes!  Can that small gesture, that tiny gift, that lone stand, possibly have any meaningful impact in a disbelieving world?  With God’s help, yes!  Our efforts may seem feeble and our resources so small - a meaningless drop in the ocean - but the message of Bethlehem rings out today:  never underestimate what God can do.  (Nick Fawcett)