Monthly Newsletter - January 20

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January  2020


Mission Statement:    To share God’s love by serving our community.


“Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord”


Preachers for January - all Services at 10.30am

     5th    Rev Clive Burnard - Rededication Service with Communion

    12th    Rev David Morris

    19th    Family Service with Johnny and Jo

    26th    TBC


Advanced Notice -a date for your diaries now

The Rev. Andy Gower has accepted our invitation to be our Minister.  The plans at the moment are for Andy to start work with us on Monday 27th April and for his Welcome and Induction Service to take place on Saturday 2nd May in the afternoon.  Please put this date in your diaries now.  We will also welcome Mrs. Caroline Gower into Membership with us at that Service and look forward to getting to know them.


Dates for your Diaries and Prayer not covered by the above

     6th    Leadership Team Meeting - 7.30pm

        Ladies Bible Study at Pat’s - 45 Abbey Lane - 7.30pm

     9th    Mothers and Toddlers - 10.00am

    10th    Bible Study at Jo’s - The Oakes - 10.00am

    13th    M-eating Place - 12.45pm.  All welcome

    16th    Mothers and Toddlers - 10.00am

    17th    Bible Study at Jo’s - The Oakes - 10.00am

    20th    Open the Book Assemblies at Abbey Lane School 8.30am and 2.30pm

        Ladies Bible Study at Pat’s - 45 Abbey Lane - 7.30pm

    23rd    Mothers and Toddlers - 10.00am

    24th    Bible Study at Jo’s - The Oakes - 10.00am

    27th    Open the Book Assembly at Woodseats School - 2.45pm

        Youth Council - 7.30pm

    28th    Open the Book Assemblies at Bradway School - 9.00 and 10.00am

    30th    Mothers and Toddlers - 10.00am

    31st    Bible Study at Jo’s - The Oakes - 10.00am


Men’s Bible Study dates to be announced.


We send Birthday Greetings this month to:-

    19th    Tricia Smith

    20th    Weina Li



To the people who came to our Christmas Services, we hope that they felt a friendly welcome and want to join us again.  We were able to send £200.00 from our Christmas Services for the work of the Homeless and Rootless at Christmas, thank you.


Items for Prayer

For the Leadership Team as they work together.  We thank them for all they do for us and the church - God bless you all.

For Andy and Caroline as they wind-up their current work and prepare to join us.

For Beryl Lingard and Josie Mitchell finding it increasingly difficult to get out and about.

For Tricia, Howard and Michael.

For Pat facing another Cataract operation, that all may go well.


Pause for Thought

Ruth 2:12  “May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, under whose wings you have come to take refuge”.

What picture does this bring to mind?  God is our safe space, our comforter and refuge in the midst of all else.  Even while life swirls on around us, we can withdraw to that secret place and take refuge, as Ruth did, in the presence of God.  There are very practical ways we can do this.  Pray, in whatever way is comfortable - go for a walk, write down what’s on your mind, draw a little symbol of being under God’s wings.  Pray with people, too.  God loves to make the church a place of refuge for his people.  May the Lord protect you as we go forward into 2020.

Hannah Fytche - Day by Day with God