Monthly Newsletter March 2020

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March  2020


Mission Statement:    To share God’s love by serving our community.


“Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord”


Preachers for March - all Services at 10.30am

     1st    Don Brennan with Communion

     8th    Johnny or Jo Gilchrist

    15th    Revd. David Morris followed by a Fellowship Meeting *

    22nd    David and Jenny Macpherson - Mothering Sunday

    29th    Nick Lugg

*    We will be holding a Fellowship Meeting after the Service on the 15th March.  This will include our Annual General Meeting, as well as updates on current plans, including arrangements for Andy Gower’s arrival.  Please attend if you can.


Advanced Notice - dates for your Diaries

    10th April - Good Friday Meditation followed by a Bring and Share 

                        Lunch - 11.00am

    12th April - Celebration Breakfast with Communion - 8.30am

    12th April - Family Worship - 10.30am

    27th April - Revd. Andy Gower’s first day with us.

     2nd May - Welcome and Induction Service for Revd. Andy Gower -                                    2.30pm


Dates for your Diaries and Prayer not covered by the above

     2nd    Leadership Team Meeting - 7.30pm

     4th    Ladies Bible Study Group at Pat’s - 45 Abbey Lane - 7.30pm

        Men’s Bible Study Group at Howard’s - 54 Gervase Road - 7.30pm

     5th    Mothers and Toddlers - 10.00am

     6th    Bible Study Group at Jo’s - The Oakes - 10.00am

     9th    M-eating Place - 12.45pm.  All welcome

    12th    Mothers and Toddlers - 10.00am

    13th    Bible Study Group at Jo’s - 10.00am

    16th    Open the Book Assemblies at Abbey Lane School - 8.30am and


    17th    Open the Book Assemblies at Bradway Primary - 9.00 and 10.00am

    18th    Ladies Bible Study at Pat’s - 7.30pm

        Men’s Bible Study at Frank’s - 77 Folds Lane - 7.30pm

    19th    Mothers and Toddlers - 10.00am

    20th    Bible Study Group at Jo’s - 10.00am

    26th    Mothers and Toddlers - 10.00am

    27th    Bible Study at Jo’s - 10.00am


We send Birthday Greetings to:-

     9th    Johnny Gilchrist

    13th    Norma Cooper





Phyllis Haverhand

We heard from Angela (Phyllis Haverhand’s daughter) that Phyllis passed away in her sleep over last week-end (15th/16th February).  Her Funeral Service is on Wednesday 4th March at 9.45pm at Hutcliffe Road Crematorium.

Everyone is welcome.  Please remember Angela, Jane and the wider family in you prayers.  We thank the Lord for all our memories of her.


Items for Prayer

For the Leadership Team as they meet on the 2nd, may they feel the Lord’s presence leading and guiding them.

For Andy and Carolyn as they prepare to move and plan for the future.

For Frank still having problems with his hand and also having to attend the Hypertension and Falls Clinic.

For Helen (Pre-School Leader) and her family as they adjust to life without Stuart.

For Ping out in China that she will be kept safe from the Coronavirus.

For Nicola and family as they move out of the Manse, may everything go smoothly for them.

For Michael, no news at the moment.

For Howard that he will continue to improve.

For Tricia still having up and down days.


Pause for Thought

Life is too short for us to do everything we want to do; but it is long enough for us to do everything God wants us to do.  Anon

As a child of God, prayer is kind of like calling home every day.  Anon

When you get tangled up in your problems, be still.  God wants you to be still so HE can untangle the knot.  Anon