M-eating Place

M-eating Place

This is one of the monthly events that we put on that are open to all in the community but it would be fair to say that this one is specifically aimed at the older members of the community. Often people just want a chance to meet others and to talk and if there is a very reasonably priced three course meal laid on at the same time, what could be better! 

The M-eating Place takes place on the second Monday of each month.

Who comes?

As indicated it is mainly, but not exclusively, the retired people in the community, both women and men. There is no transport laid on so you have to be able to make your own way to the Church but once there everything else is provided. Currently we have about 20 people coming along but we can cater for more, we have never yet run out of food!

What food is available?

Each month it is different, there is always homemade soup, a hot meat main course and a pudding followed by tea or coffee. In February for instance the menu was:

Creamy Chicken soup (almost a meal in itself)

Minced Pork casserole served with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Apple Crumble with Custard

We do not offer a choice but we will accommodate any special dietary needs.

Is there any other activity involved?

At Christmas we join with Greenhill Methodist for a joint Christmas Dinner and to sing carols, do some old time dancing and perhaps a quiz as well. Every year is different.

There is also a group who meet after the monthly session and they have discussions or presentations on various interesting things but not everyone stays for this additional activity.

The time is 12.30 for a 12.45 meal and we are normally finished by about 2.00.

If you are interested or know someone else who might be interested then please email us to book your place.